The Pictures Matter

Photos Help Sell Home


This pictures of an Orlando home was sitting on the market for 224 days. Then, realtor Harry Lim took over and the home was under contract in 8 days. 8 days after 8 months?? This sounds absurd. But, Lim explains in his article that understanding the importance of professional photography for listings is of upmost importance. Shooting the pictures of February 28th, delivering the images the next day on March 1st, and by March 10th a buyer had made an offer. This is just 8 days after the new pictures were placed online. This isn’t to say that the pictures alone sold the home, the realtor is given credit but the new photos definitely helped.

5271-baskin-st-1This picture above is the after photo of the house with better lighting and looking more inviting. In addition to just the exterior of the house, it is important to make a room look as open as possible and expose the amount of space it can offer.

“It’s not so much the camera but knowing how to use it,” he says. “I understand what settings to use. I understand how light works and balance ambient light with supplemental flash to get a good exposure. And I understand basic composition for interiors, the cardinal rule being: keep your verticals vertical!”

He also tries to show how every room relates to the ones around it. “Does the bedroom have a private bathroom? Does the kitchen lead to a patio? Where is the dining area in relation to the kitchen?” he says.

This goes to show that pictures do matter when trying to sell a home.

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